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So here we have it, warts and all. I've spent a full three months learning how to build a website. which I am sure is full of typos and mistakes. But Hey! It's on the World Wide Web. I am actually impressed that I made it this far.

I guess I should explain Darth first of all. DarthVANder is one of my many hair-brained schemes. Darth came into being when my son moved to Boston with a scholarship to Berklee College of Music (Shameless mother bragging.) I found myself with an empty nest and decided to venture into the world of Art Festivals. I bought Darth used, He was a 15-passenger high-top van, and embarked on converting him to a travel/art hauling vehicle. After many of my family members shook their heads with disbelief. I convinced my dad to direct me in the building. He lovingly (with rolled eyes) directed me in the construction. Okay, so it's NOT a Tommy Bahama Airstream design but, Hey, it works. The photo is after I removed the ten thousand pounds of passenger seats, and began the build. The pink box in the background is a REALLY hair-brained idea... I think I'll add a shower in the van. That is a whole blog post in and of itself. Bye, for now, I'm heading out to the Fall Art Festivals. Hope to see you there. Come say Hello, Genia

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Sep 13, 2023

I know your Mom is so proud! She loved traveling and selling her cookbooks. Enjoy every mile and new friend!

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