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Genia Painting in Dining Room


Endeavoring at an Art Career Since 1984

Graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor of Fine Art (in the last century, - please note), one semester before they instituted computers into the art world. This could explain any flukes in this website that I have been wrestling with. To varying degrees of success and failure, I have been an illustrator, graphic designer, private art teacher for adults and children, yoga instructor, whitewater kayak instructor, raft guide, and fine art painter. I love the freedom of real canvas, paintbrushes, and loads of paint. These days I am Art Festival-ing in DarthVANder (see Blog) and enjoying the experience of meeting other artists and talking with the festival crowd. 

Trust your Creativity ... You are a creative being too!

Genia, What to Paint Next?
Art Teacher
Genia Painting
In plein Air Art Painting Class
Teaching Painting Class to My Girls
Genia Teaching Private Painting Party
A True Artist is not one who is inspired but
one who inspires others.
- Salvador Dali
Genia Trying Pop Art Painting
Above, Trying my hand at pop art of Matthew. Left, Plein Air Painting Class, Girls Paint Class, Group Paint Class.
Salvador Dali

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