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475 STEPS!!!

So, after the Helen, Ga Art Show, I wanted to relax a little in the state parks.

I made it to Amicalola State Park to sketch some scenery for paintings. Gorgeous views! The park is named after its beautiful cascade Amicalola Falls. A breathtaking 729 foot waterfall! The photos do not do it Justice. Read more...

The third highest waterfall East of the Mississippi. I happen to have a waterfall obsession. Been on several waterfall hunts. More on that later.

Anyway, my first hike was to the bottom of the falls. 3 miles straight up. I was feeling my age. But it was beautiful. 3 miles down was easier. I'll have to say hiking the 3 miles up is easier than putting up an event tent and hauling paintings in 90 degree weather.

My second hike, that day, mind you, was much easier to the middle of the falls, west loop trail. Simply georgeous. The prettiest of the views. Interesting was the path. Made of recycled tires. I was impressed.

Last hike of the day was the top of the cascades. I watched the sun set and FaceTimed the views to mom. It was spectacular.

Bout to crash now, thanks for coming along on the DarthVANDer journeys!, Genia

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